Training by tweet?

Brighton Uncut put on a twitter direct action ‘training trail’ on Sunday. I was very sceptical, but finally got round to looking at it today and enjoyed my meander through their material. I’d be interested in your views.

What do you think? Where does this stand on the waste of time => better than nothing => the perfect training experience scale?

Clearly this kind of thing gives many more people access to information (981 views of the first stage of the trail already). But is a little information is a dangerous thing? Is there ever a substitute for the face-to-face and experiential quality of a workshop, where it’s a safe space to make mistakes knowing no-one will actually be arrested or hit over the head with a baton? Maybe it’s best to give people enough to get them motivated and then let them learn through the real thing?


1 thought on “Training by tweet?

  1. What a find, I love it! Lots of different sources of information, video and written formats, forces you to engage (but in a fun way), presented clearly and entertainingly. A great introductory guide, and well suited for anyone used to the attention-deficit approach to the web (i.e. me).

    Online trails, online courses, coaching, training, books… each has its limitations and benefits. The more variety the better, and learners can decide what suits them best. Do agree though that a key limitation of approaches that lack human beings is the lack of feedback.

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