I expect, we expect, you disappoint

Lynn Walsh has posted on expectations with a nice link to some wise words from Craig Freshley, whose Group decision tips I look forward to browsing when I have more time.

Craig writes:

when we have expectations of others that don’t pan out it often leads to resentment which often brews discontent which often causes conflict. I have heard someone say that expectations are planned resentments.

If you get to his tips first and discover group-work gold, please report back in the comments.


2 thoughts on “I expect, we expect, you disappoint

  1. “expectations are planned resentments”

    nods ruefully/laughs out loud.

    All the more reason to make expectations/agreements very specific, with deadlines/service level agreements etc. But then of course that brings up the “what do we do if agreements aren’t honoured” problem. In business, there’s contract law. Within a corporation there’s performance review/appraisal etc. In voluntary/”non-hierarchical” organisations there’s moral suasion and not much else.

  2. Indeed, contracts, written agreements, job descriptions……they all set forth clear expectations. Sloppy expectations breed resentment. Expectations should be either really clear or non-existent.

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