Are you sitting uncomfortably? Then I’ll begin..

Add these to your bedtime reading !

We’ve always tried to be transparent about our learning here at Rhizome, but Viv McWaters has far outshone us with her fantastic post Tasting an amygdala hijack.  A cautionary tale of when the lizard brain asserts its presence. You only need to look at the comments to know that Viv’s experience resonates with facilitators far and wide.

Meanwhile Johnnie Moore sent me over to Yes and Space for Geoff Brown’s take on the Inner Game. More uncomfortable (but great) lessons for facilitators…

Here’s a list of things I noticed when practicing the Inner Game yesterday …

  1. A constant habit of filling spaces of silence with my own voice and the next instruction or question … and then
  2. As I ‘shut-up’ more and more, I began to notice more about the group – their tone of voice and body language all of sudden became clearer
  3. As my attention to ‘tone of voice’ increased, I began to notice the status games being played … and then
  4. I found myself doing less and less and my interventions became smaller and less frequent. But, the things I did offer supported the group to go deeper into it’s work.
  5. As my attention and focus on the people in the room wavered, I noticed my inner voice jumping in to ‘rescue them’ and ‘do something’ and ‘regain control’.

And last but not least, Lynn Walsh on resistance, sharing and letting go which includes some a participant’s eye view of workshops that highlight where we can so often go wrong….


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