Another year older…..are we any wiser?

Rhizome’s second birthday is more or less upon us, depending on how you measure these things. It also means I’ll be writing up what passes for an annual report here in the rhizosphere. So before we blow out the candles and tuck into a slice of cake, what do you want to know? What would make such a report useful to you?

Feel free to read what we wrote last year and see if that does the trick, and we should go for more of the same. If not, get in touch or leave a comment…


2 thoughts on “Another year older…..are we any wiser?

  1. Cliched though it is, maybe a bit more on how you feel you’ve advanced (if you think you have) since this time last year, and where you want to be/what state you want to be in/issues facing the movement over the next year

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