Ayanna – workshops to nourish and inspire

Just in from a friend of ours:

The workshops/film nights aim to provide a nourishing and inspiring space, a time to slow The workshops/film nights aim to provide a nourishing and inspiring space, a time to slow down and breathe, to learn something new and have some fun. Most of them are being held at community centres used by local people, who will be involved in organising and promoting the event.

These workshops came about after some community workshop conversations under the name of ‘Ayanna’, an initiative started by a few activists and community workers in London which has brought together people doing local community based work for social and environmental justice.

These conversations started with a dream of doing something a bit different to the organisations many of us had experience working with. We identified organisations in the voluntary/third/campaigning sector as one of the barriers to truly exciting social change based on values of social justice – with models of funding, marketing, management hierarchies and bureaucracy that don’t often do best by the people these organisations claim to represent and advocate for.

Activities which are nourishing and inspiring were identified as really important, especially at a time of funding cuts, overwork and political mayhem.

We hope you can make one or more of the workshops. All are free of charge. All will be fun and you’ll learn something new, we promise! These events are all run by volunteers, though we’ve had a small amount of funding to help with costs.


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