Rhizome gathering – ten out of ten

It’s not that long ago Rhizome was just Carl and myself. Then last November Emily, Hannah, Jo, Maria and Perry joined as associates. Then there were seven.

We met again for 2 days last week in the straw bale room of Hackney City Farm. It was a dynamic meeting that took in Soma games, an introduction to Holacracy, and discussions on our purpose and our place in the world in which we work, as well as on the details of our governance and co-ordination.

We’re still in that post meeting haze of collecting all the various write-ups, and photos of flipcharts into a set of coherent notes. We’ll share the highlights with you through the blog.

One thing that was decided is that we are now 10. Adam, Gill and Nick have joined the co-op. Their biographies will appear on our Who we are pages as and when we find the time, and their views and learning on this blog over the coming weeks and months. They bring with them a wealth of experience  and practice drawn from co-operatives, eco-villages, the women’s movement, experience of consultancy and management, the Transition movement, community development and much more. That makes Rhizome an even more exciting co-op to work in, and a stronger resource for you.


2 thoughts on “Rhizome gathering – ten out of ten

    • Thanks Olivier. We’re just looking at Holacracy. As practitioners of consensus we’re keen to see what it has to offer, if anything, that other approaches such as formal consensus or sociocracy don’t. As we explore, we’ll share what we find. If you have experience or ideas about Holacracy feel free to share them with us…. a guest blog post?

      As for the transparency – well we’re serious about being community built like open source software. And your comment is part of that process.

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