A Eulogy for #Occupy

Just read Quinn Norton’s A Eulogy for #Occupy at wired.com, via the boingboing blog (hat tip to Marc).

It’s a powerful litany of brutality and hope (theirs and ours). It doesn’t shy away from holding up the mirror to how our dynamics mirror those of the 1%. Is that an inevitability?

Maybe folk from the UK (and elsewhere) would argue that the ‘Eulogy’ reflects US society and US Occupy. Maybe. Maybe not. All thoughts welcome.

Anyway, don’t spend more time reading this, because there’s nothing I’m going to say that Quinn  won’t say better.



1 thought on “A Eulogy for #Occupy

  1. Here’s a comment in over email from Dave:

    “So the piece re Occupy is all very well but to me it seemed like someone walking around when Woodstock was finishing and only really seeing the mess. Which it has to be said the poor soul seemed to create much of her own. Did she not see Hendrix or CSN or Ravi Shankar? It seems she missed a great deal. I know a number of folk who were deeply moved and changed by visiting the sites, and if all one could see was the cider bottles then mores the pity (cider and drugs, like rats, are always within a few feet. Do try and read the Paul Mason book (the sections on occupy) or Chomsky “occupy”. What was the Munlochy GM vigil, or Twyford Down or Greenham?…All precursors of occupy…and as its modern incarnation now they continue to “occupy” mental spaces, the realms of ideas.which makes change more possible.”

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