Just what do you want?

The Rhizome blog’s been kind of quiet of late. One thing that might change that is you. We asked ourselves what was stopping us posting, and for some of us it’s astumbleweed simple as not knowing enough about who you are and what you want. So why not tell us? In fact, why not use this space to tell us.

You are hereby invited to guest post on the Rhizome blog – tell us about you, or your work, or your worldview. It’s a blatant opportunity to self-publicise, promote your work or cause, tell us your favourite joke and simultaneously help us to understand what makes you tick at the same time.

We always intended this to be a community space and you are that community.

If you need a little prompting, then get in touch and we can chat to you by the communication medium of your choice and your guest post can be an interview instead.

It’s that or the tumbleweed continues…


2 thoughts on “Just what do you want?

  1. I’m Dwight Towers (nom-de-guerre).
    My favourite jokes –
    What do you call a woman who sits at her kitchen table setting fire to her bills and IOUs?
    What do call a man with scratches all over his face and arms from his pet cat?

    I like the rhizome blog because it shows progressive campaigners at their best – reflecting, searching, probing, trying to tease out the implications of current practice, of invisible privilege etc. It’s less hagiographic and less, well, smug, than a lot of what passes for “self-critique” on the “left.”

    What makes me tick? The usual roiling emotions of anger, fear, self-loathing, self-pity, more anger, more fear. And love of practical solidarity, and of the beautiful people trying to make a difference. The smugosphere? Not so much. It burns and smothers and gets into a lynch-mob mentality at times.

    • I knew this was a worthwhile exercise – I already know 2 new jokes. Thanks for letting us know what works for you about the blog. Always happy to hear about what works less well (or not at all!) as well.

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