Grassroots Trainers’ Network

grassroots-trainersIn mid-January we blogged about one training collective changing name and form.  What we didn’t do was highlight ourselves and the other training collectives that each in our own way try to support grassroots groups striving to make the world a better place.  With the forces that are swirling out there at the moment, Rhizome believes these campaigning and grassroots groups are more needed than ever, and we’re stoked to be able to do what we can to support (and be part of) social change. 

The Grassroots Trainers’ Network (UK) involves people and collectives who do training and facilitation for campaigns, activists, and all those trying to build a better world. We share information, skills, and ideas; reflect and strategise together; and work together to strengthen social and environmental movements.

Share information about the work we are doing and hope to do as well as about funding and opportunities. This will help us work more  collaboratively and supportively and avoid competing or undermining each other (intentionally, or unintentionally!).

Share skills and ideas and learn together to help us in our practice.

Reflect and strategise together, assessing and analysing questions around:
– the effectiveness and impact of our work
– the current situation, trends and patterns of social and environmental justice networks and groups we’re connected to, and based on this to  make plans together.

Work Together to support each other and other grassroots groups to be  more resilient, sustainable, and effective in our struggle for social and environmental justice.


The Grassroots Trainers’ Network (UK) is made up of the following collectives, as well as some individuals unaffiliated to a particular collective or organisation:

London Roots Collective offer trainings, workshops, and support for grassroots groups. We also organise events bringing together diverse groups working towards a better world and equality in our communities.
Based in London

Navigate is a small team of experienced facilitators and trainers. We run workshops and facilitate meetings to support groups and organisations to be more resilient and effective.
Based in Oxford

Rhizome is a diverse co-operative of experienced facilitators, trainers, mediators, capacity builders, agitators and change-makers. We facilitate, train and support groups and communities to grow in resilience, and be better able to organise collectively,  dynamically, innovatively, and effectively towards a just and sustainable world.
Based across the country

Seeds for Change provides training and resources for grassroots social justice, peace and environmental activists and campaigners.
Based in Lancaster

Tripod: Training for creative social action!
Based in Scotland

Turning the Tide: Nonviolent power for social change.
Based in London and across the country



5 thoughts on “Grassroots Trainers’ Network

  1. You’re the best! Sending love and solidarity from the Australian social movement support sector – and my parts of it, Plan to Win and Plan to Thrive. An activist over here recently asked on Facebook for links to facilitation resources – Rhizome and Seeds for Change got strong endorsements. Thanks for all the ripples from your work.

    • Many thanks for your solidarity and praise, Holly. We also keep a keen eye on what you’re doing to support Australian social movements, and find inspiration in Plan to Win and Plan to Thrive.

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