About Rhizome

Why Rhizome?

rhizome /zōm/ [noun]: A horizontal, usually underground stem that often sends out roots and shoots from its nodes. Sometimes used by plants to store food.

A rhizome is a resource for new growth. It’s a store of potential, a store of energy, a way of growing, a way of connecting. Rhizomes make a plant resilient – harder to weed out. Rhizomes allow plants to weather the lean times. They can be uprooted, divided and replanted only to come back all the stronger. Bamboo rhizomes can break through brick walls. Couch grass spreads by rhizomes and refuses to be tamed.


Our aim is that Rhizome shares these characteristics and enables you to do the same:

  • We are a resource for you and your organisation, for grassroots change.
  • We can enable you to be resilient, persistent, effective, to create new projects and nurture existing one.
  • We can support you to break through barriers, to always come back stronger…..


Values, ethics and practice | Who we are (at the moment) | Rhizome’s organisation and structure | Contact Rhizome


6 thoughts on “About Rhizome

  1. Nice introduction. Would benefit from some images of rhizomes and maybe a stunning visual of how rhizome will help support social change?

  2. Heya!

    [what’s missing?]
    where are you guys based ? I was passed this site from contacts in the UK, so can I assume you’re based in the UK?
    Great project & I’m really interested in what you’re doing & your philosophy, it’s f***ing awesome to say the least.

    Have a beeeeeeeautiful day!


  3. I think this is an excellent website and the approach and philosophy very well explained. the only initial thought i have is that it would be good to include some short case studies to illustrate the work and/or examples of some of the groups you have already worked with and how you helped them.
    Gerald C

    • Thanks Gerald. We hope to be using our blog, as we go, to let you know about:
      * the work that we’ve done
      * the difference that we (and the people we’ve worked with) feel that it’s made
      * what we’ve learnt from doing it as a community of facilitators.
      Watch this space!

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