Rhizome does a large percentage of its work for free. We work with many unfunded or under-funded community groups and grassroots campaigns. More often than not we provide support to them for the love of it. We don’t want that to change. We want these groups to have access to high quality facilitation, mediation and training of the kind that we can offer.

Cross subsidising the free work from our paid work with co-operatives and the NGO community covers some of the free work we do, but by no means all of it. So your donation, of whatever size, will help us to co-ordinate and deliver support that counts.

How to Give

Option 1: You can transfer your donation direct to our bank account:

  • Rhizome Ltd
  • Triodos Bank
  • account 20213743
  • sort code 16-58-10

If you’re outside the UK you’ll need to use some or all of the following details. Please don’t forget the reference number or your donation won’t get to us:

  • account name: Triodos Bank
  • account number 1000085
  • sort code 16-00-34
  • Swift code RBOSGB2LXX
  • IBAN number GB11RBOS16003410000856
  • BIC number RBOSGB2L
  • Reference 20213743

Option 2: You can send us a cheque, made out to Rhizome Ltd, to Rhizome, 5 Brooklands Avenue, Withington, Manchester, M”0 1JE. If you would like an acknowledgement, please include your own details

We’re exploring other options for card payment, but it’s hard to find an ethical provider…

Thank you from all of us at Rhizome and all the groups we work with!

Recent examples of our free work

  • We’ve supported the Stop New Nuclear campaign with training, spokescouncil facilitation, and by designing example materials to be used by less experienced trainers.
  • We’ve offered mediation to an LGBT housing group that have found themselves in conflict
  • We’ve delivered nonviolent direct action training to student activists at Leeds University and participants in the UK Feminista conference and the Peace News summer camp. We also delivered public speaking training at Peace News.
  • We’ve trained Transition Leicester folk in consensus decision-making, and facilitating consensus.
  • We co-facilitated at the Stop GM Gathering Momentum meeting and the Reclaim the Fields UK gathering.
  • We’ve also offered phone support and advice, blogged, produced a whole host of resources that are free to download, as well as doing a wide range of low-cost training and facilitation.

Of course you can support us in other ways – by spreading the word, putting a word in with any funders you’re in contact with, and sharing your ideas and views with us through the blog. Thanks again.


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