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When Rhizome first set up we decided that we wanted the way we developed to share the qualities of open source software. We wanted to make our ‘source code’ (the way we work, our values, evaluations of our work) as transparent as possible and we wanted to encourage the community to help shape and build the project. Thanks to all those who commented via the website or in person.

That process hasn’t ended. We still want your input. Rhizome is your resource. Use this page, or the comments function on any other page, to help us stay relevant and useful. Your feedback is invaluable. It could be a comment on work we’ve done for you. It could be a request for a resource or service that we don’t already offer. It might be an observation about the community and sector that we work in. All and more are welcome. Over to you…………..

Here’s a few comments you’ve sent by email:

“All aspects of the work done by Rhizome were fantastic. Matthew and Hannah were great during the planning process, listening to what I was after, offering suggestions and taking on board all the small details that were discussed and mentioned, ensuring they were reflected in the agenda for the day….I feel our activists, new and existing left feeling
confident and ready to start planning their campaign activities.  I had lots of comments about people now feeling ‘fired up’ to get started.”
London Cycling Campaign

“from me and all the group yesterday I wanted to pass on a massive thank you for coming down from Leicester to facilitate yesterday, and also for the brilliant process you formulated.” Rob, Palestine cycle ride

“I wanted to express my thanks and awe at your facilitation of the cycle workshop last week. The project being so broad and vague in its budding stages, it’s quite amazing to have teased out relevant threads and began to weave something focussed and concrete. Very exciting.”
Tilly, Palestine cycle ride

“I’ve been meaning to get in touch for a while – having become an avid reader of your blog! It’s been so valuable to read your reflections and learnings, and inspiring to see an account sharing the successes and failures of facilitating certain sessions” Casper

“Thanks again – there was some amazing feedback on your facilitator skills after you left.” Joe, Leeds University nonviolent direct action workshop

“we couldn’t have delivered the quality of open space we did without Rhizome…your calming presence helped ensure we were able to deliver in what would otherwise have been difficult circumstances.” Adam Ramsay, People & Planet


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