What we do

Rhizome is here as a resource for you. We are:

  • Facilitators – facilitating strategy sessions, visioning, teambuilding, AGMs, public meetings, unconferences, Open Space Technology, Appreciative Inquiry, World Café and more
  • Mediators for workplace, network and group conflicts and disputes
  • Trainers – facilitation training, consensus decision-making training, mediation training, training for trainers, community campaigning skills
  • Capacity builders – working with community, activist and citizen groups and networks, as well as the NGO’s that support such networks
  • Researchers and writers – see our blog and resources for some of our work

We’re also open to suggestions, if you can find another use for our skills.

Who we work with:

If you’d like examples of the work we’re doing right now, or have done recently, the best option is to read our blog. We report on our work regularly to help keep you in touch and to share our learning.

A few of the organisations and networks we’ve worked with recently include:

 6 Billion Ways | Action Aid | ‘Building Activist Networks’ Forum | Climate Rush | Co-operatives UK | Fairtrade Foundation | Food Sovereignty Movement | Greenpeace UK | Highlight Arts | Leeds TIDAL | Liverpool Guild of Students | London Cycling Campaign | Oxfam UK | People & Planet | Plantlife | Rebellious Media Conference | Reclaim the Fields | Springhill Cohousing community | Stop New Nuclear | Suma Wholefoods Co-operative | Transition Leicester | The Threshold Centre Co-housing Project | UK Cohousing Network | Wildlife and Countryside Link | World Development Movement


2 thoughts on “What we do

  1. Fantastic session in Birmingham 21 April for permaculturists. Website reads well.
    (but may be change photo above to one with chairs being moved …..)

    • many thanks for your praise. It means a lot to us when our work is meaningful for participants.
      We’re definitely ‘moving chairs around’ in the coming months, with the completion of a thorough website redesign, so keep your eyes peeled (and follow us on twitter or this blog). Thanks for the suggestion 😉

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