We are a team of experienced facilitators who can offer you help from the beginning of a process (planning and working out who to involve) to the end (evaluating and learning); or indeed any part of the process when you need it. Our service covers –

  • Facilitation of meetings, workshops, small groups, large groups and all groups in-between. We can facilitate Open Space, World Cafe, Appreciative Inquiry and much more, but we will always work with you to ensure these are the right approaches to meet your aims.
  • Exploring the need for dialogue, conflict resolution or other participative engagement, including stakeholder and participant mapping and analysis
  • Designing participatory processes with you and the participants – whether this is helping you find an appropriate facilitation tool for one meeting or designing a larger collaboration or consultation
  • Participative evaluations of our work or other people’s work
  • Advising and supporting you by phone and email – from helping you find the right facilitation technique for part of a meeting to designing an agenda for you to facilitate

Some examples in the last year or so –

  • Facilitating training and activist development workshops for the Turning the Tide programme
  • Designing and facilitating partnership work between a local voluntary network and its local authority
  • Running a series of workshops on moorland use and conservation
  • Working with campaigning organisations to strengthen the support they offer to their activist networks
  • Co-designing and co-facilitating an innovative skillsharing weekend for human rights campaigners
  • Training grassroots campaigners as facilitators confident and able to work with large meetings
  • Facilitating ‘visioning’ and strategy away days for a development education charity’s staff, trustees and volunteers, for activists planning a cycle ride to Palestine, and for a major environmental NGOs staff team

We like to be fairly low tech (no death by PowerPoint approaches) and help people to understand the use of facilitation without a whole load of kit.


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