We provide talks, presentations, workshops and self-organising materials on –

  • Concepts of participation and collaboration
  • Mediation – theory and applications
  • Facilitation – theory and applications
  • Understanding concepts of nonviolent action (NVA),
  • Organising around applications of NVA,
  • The history of nonviolence and nonviolent direct action (NVDA)

One thought on “Education

  1. It’s here that we need to provide some downloads of training plans and manuals; and links to other useful sites.

    Two books that I think are core to any participative facilitator’s thinking and reflection –

    The Community Planning Handbook ed. Nick Wates – Earthscan
    A compilation of participative methods of running meetings with pictures, scenarios, checklists, sample agendas and further reading.

    Participatory workshops by Robert Chambers – Earthscan
    A sourcebook of 21 sets of ideas and activities for group work. Each set has 21 ideas, including 21 mistakes I make in a workshop.

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