On this page you’ll find a number of free resources for you to download or read online. We’re starting small but more will follow with time!

The resources are formatted as pdfs for reading online, but if you’d like a copy formatted for printing, or an Open Office/Word version so that you can customise it to your needs, please get in touch. You’ll need Adobe Acrobat or alternatives such as kpdf or evince to viewand print these briefings.

All our works are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 England and Wales license. Modify them to your needs, but credit in your revised version, and keep them share-alike. See the link above for all other conditions.

If you find these resources useful, please consider donating a small amount to support us in maintaining them and producing more. Thanks.


Short resources on a range of topics for trainers and meeting facilitators alike.

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Organising and facilitating Open Space

Conflict resolution and mediation

New Guides!

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Consensus decision-making

New Guides!

The following are links to blog posts. We’ve edited some of them into the briefings above, but there’s also more detail in many of these posts. :

Here’s our brief guide designed to support effective participation in spokescouncils at action camps and gatherings:

Here are 2 versions of our Consensus in Co-operatives briefing, produced for Co-operatives Fortnight 2011. The first is ideal for reading onscreen, the second is of print quality:

Working in groups

These are links to blog posts. At some stage in the not too distant future we hope to turn them into briefings to download and print:


Training packs

Nonviolent direct action training packs originally prepared to support Stop New Nuclear’sFukushima anniversary action, these packs are easily customised for any group and any issue. There are 2 halves to this material – nonviolent direct action and consensus in an action setting.  They can be run separately or added together (with a few tweaks) and run as a full day session. Example agendas and all supporting materials are downloadable below:

  • Pack 1: half day Nonviolent Direct Action training
  1. Agenda
  2. Supporting materials – Warm up activity, Photo gallery, Guide to running a Spectrum Line, Guide to Hassle Line roleplays, Guide to blockade practice, Guide to passive resistance practice, Legal scenarios quiz, Legal scenarios quiz: answers, Lock on illustrations, Evaluation form
  • Pack 2: half day Consensus training focusing on quick decision-making and spokescouncils
  1. Agenda
  2. Supporting materials – Warm up activity, Chairs game cards, Fishbowl role cards, Quick consensus flowchart, Guide to running a quick consensus practice, Evaluation form

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Other people’s resources

There are several other excellent social change facilitation and training organisations, who also have useful resources on their websites. It’s worth taking the time to have a nose around these sites.

However, to make life easier we’ve also listed resources from these and other sources here under appropriate headings:

Burnout/ Sustainable activism

Campaign and action planning

Consensus decision-making

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Facilitation: meetings

Facilitation: Open Space Technology

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Co-operativesUK From conflict to co-operation series of illustrated booklets for co-operative community enterprises (but relevant to all community groups):

Information activism

  • TacticalTech’s guides and resources on creative use of new media, internet security, visualising information and more

Movement building

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Nonviolence and civil disobedience

Nonviolent direct action: general guides

Nonviolent direct action: affinity groups

Autonomous action groups – how to form them and make them work:

Nonviolent direct action: legal rights

  • The Activists Legal Project have a series of up to date and detailed activist legal briefings. They include likely charges for activists, consequences for student protestors, the arrest process and much more
  • Liberty’s guide to your rights

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Public speaking

  • Six Minutes links to loads of online resources, including blogs, books and articles on public speaking. It has tips on writing speeches, developing positive habits, using effective visuals and learning from great speeches, including popular TED talks.
  • It’s time to talk: Friends of The Earth’s accessible guide written for local group campaigners.
  • Presentation tips for public speaking: Good brief overview with lots of other links.
  • Allyn & Baker public speaking website: US website with 6 modules on each step of the public speaking journey – listen to some recordings, do some interactive exercises
  • Uncommon Knowledge: Lots of well written tips.
  • Uncommon Knowledge’s longer article on Public Speaking Techniques – includes a short audio exercise for relaxed rehearsal of your talk
  • Businessball’s detailed tips on presentation skills – including some useful links to other related material on their website
  • If you’re specifically trying to motivate an audience to action, read Mindtools’ article on Monroe’s Motivated Sequence

There’s also plenty of advice on YouTube, for example:

and a useful series of videos from public speaker trainer Deborah Grayson Riegel:

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4 thoughts on “Resources

  1. Huzzah! and well done for bringing these resources together. Have followed some external links (yum!) and looked at your facilitating ‘difficult’ behaviour, which is good insofar as it goes, but obviously needs expanding. I would be happy to roleplay being a difficult person if that helps (!)…

    • All suggestions for expansion of the briefing very, very welcome. We’re very serious about our aspiration to be ‘open source’ – a resource built by, and for the community!

    • We’re glad you find them useful. Do spread the word – they are only as useful as they are actively used by as many people as possible.

      This year you’ll see them gradually being updated, with new ones currently being written and planned too.

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