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9 thoughts on “Contact Rhizome

  1. I’d love to take part in your facilitation, mediation, etc.. training. How do I go about? Do you have courses set up or do I have to organize a group? How much do you charge, if you do charge?

    Many thanks


  2. Hi Rossana.

    At the moment we don’t have any public courses set up. When we do, you can be sure that they’ll be mentioned on the website. Most of what we do is working with specific groups and communities. So if you’re part of a group you can organise a workshop. The advantage of that is that we can customise the workshop to meet your group’s specific needs.

    Rhizome facilitators do this work for a living, but we’re very happy to work with groups to help them find funding so that all of the costs of a workshop can be covered. We also plan to use the work that we get paid for to fund some ‘pro bono’ work for groups that simply cannot afford a workshop otherwise.

    Hope that helps!

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  8. i wahoping your “facilitterators” would be willing to donate their precious time 4free,as we, the people.are in this 2gether,& all advice SHOULD be shared,not there 2 be made dollars out of. i “m starting up a group2 stop our land being squandered 2 the elite corparate bodies of greed,which ur band seems 2 be of the same ideal,,i wont be asking for any of ur help,as u seem2 want to profit? and i wont 4get this. c.wallbank;

    • Craig, thanks for the feedback. Can you tell us more about how you formed this impression of Rhizome? We do see ourselves as part of “the people” not the “elite corporate bodies” and over the years have supported many networks, individuals and groups standing up for various “the people” causes. A lot of that work has been for free or for very little. And we also struggle to make enough to live off, modestly, in this crazy society. No-one in Rhizome is getting rich from the work we do. In fact most of us have to do other better paid work to support the work we do in Rhizome. We’re a diverse collective with differing positions on taking money for training and facilitating. Some prefer never to take money for working with grassroots causes. Others of us ask for at least as much as the minimum wage (preferably the living wage). None of us tries to exploit the folk we work with.

      However that’s clearly not the impression you’ve got. Hopefully it’s a misunderstanding but maybe not. So as I said at the start – tell us more…

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