What’s your agenda?

Later this month the Rhizome co-operative will gather for a 2 day meeting. 6 out of the 7 current Rhizome folk will be there plus 3 others who may well sign up by the end of the 2 days.

We’re scattered across the UK. Of the 9 folk attending 2 are from Manchester, 2 from Leicester, 1 from Glastonbury and the rest from London. The upshot of that is that we don’t meet very often and we have to make the meeting count. We need to find time to simply get to know each other better, to have some fun together, to share ideas and skills, to talk about internal processes, to look at our place in the world, and more.

We’ve said all along that we want to emulate the principles of open source software and be a community-built project. Well you are our community. What do you want to see on the agenda for our 2 days together? Are we doing the right work? Are we sharing the right ideas and info through this blog? What’s emerging in the world that Rhizome should be turning its attention to? Please share your thoughts.


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